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10 Best Cheap Smartphones to Buy 2016 – 2017

With big names in the smartphone industry such as Apple & Samsung constantly fighting for the top spot, it’s not astonishing at all that their latest flagships might leave your pockets quiet lighter since smartphone innovation is an expensive investment. Just as big names in the industry

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date, Price – Everything You Need to Know

With September approaching, it’s not surprising at all that the whole world is excited about the new iPhone launch (at least iPhone users are) since Apple announces its new model every September, and with every coming September comes a new and more tech-innovative iPhone. Prior to the

11 Best Water Proof Headphones for Underwater Music

Everyone likes music and want to listen to their favorite tracks everywhere they go. No matter what activities you enjoy, whether running, swimming or any other water sport, waterproof headphones will help you listen to your playlist underwater. Using Headphones is one of the most convenient way

Four Reasons Why OnePlus 2 will Fail to Attract the Market

With OnePlus 2 officially launched, the smartphone has already gained over a million orders. However despite the initial success of the handset, we feel that it will not do well in the coming months of 2015 due to several features missing out. That being said, here are

LG G4 to Be Unveiled Officially on April 28

Smartphone war continues as LG is ready to introduce their new LG G4 on April 28 in response to Samsung and HTC. LG Wanted to keep the event exclusive and not to miss the spotlight during MWC event. The new flagship device event will take place in