10 Best Cheap Smartphones to Buy 2016 – 2017

With big names in the smartphone industry such as Apple & Samsung constantly fighting for the top spot, it’s not astonishing at all that their latest flagships might leave your pockets quiet lighter since smartphone innovation is an expensive investment.

Just as big names in the industry race for the top spot, the competition between smaller smartphone manufacturing industries is no less. With smaller smartphone brands introducing more & more high-spec smartphone line-ups, their influence on the global market is hardly negligent. And with advanced features yet with affordable prices, these companies are surely becoming more recognizable in the global smartphone market day by day.

So, collected here is the list of the best 10 cheap smartphones 2015-16 that you can cope within $250.

  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3


Xiaomi being the local brand, is very popular among China. And with a wide array of satisfied customers in China, Xiaomi plans on taking on the American and European market.

Redmi Note 3 is a powerful and elegant device wrapped in sleek metal design. But Redmi is not all just for show, having over 3GB RAM, it’ll get your any task done in seconds. Redmi also comes with a 16mp back camera and 5mp front camera. And if you think that is it, you’re wrong; Redmi Note 3 has a 4000mAh battery so forget plugging in your phone often.

There are two versions of the Redmi Note 3; 16gb devices have 2GB RAM while 32g devices have 3GB RAM (both versions offer MicroSD card for extendable memory) Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 runs an android OS v5.1.1 so basically with such less price and so many options, Redmi note 3 is the best device to consider.


Source; Xiamoi global

  1. Moto G (Third Generation)


Moto G is also a great option for you if you think that handling a 5.5” Redmi Note 3 might be hard for you, other than that Moto G is also a very durable and handy set, featuring options you can similarly find in the Redmi note 3.

Moto G comes with a plastic shell, but under the budget; it’s acceptable, as it features a 13mp back camera and 2GB RAM with snapdragon 410 processor. Moto G also has a 2470mAh batery so battery timing won’t be an issue for you. Released in July 2015, the device runs an Android OS v5.1.1 which can be upgraded to v6.0.

However the only thing about the Moto G’s reputation is it’s 8gb internal memory, but thanks to the extendable memory and an option available for 16gb memory, Moto G gets to live in pride.


Source; Moto G3 16gb; Amazon

  1. Sony Xperia M4 aqua


Sony Xperia M4 is similar in design as the Z series, as far as upmarket specs are not concerned. But M4 is nonetheless either, a 13mp back camera and 2GB RAM with snapdragon 615 makes M4 one of the best in it’s class. M4 has a huge battery of 2400mAh, it runs an Android OS v5.0.

Most critics argue about the 8gb storage of M4 but thanks to the option of extendable memory up to 256gb, M4 lets nothing stand in its way to greatness.

Price- $205

Source; Tech Times

  1. Huawei Honor 5x


Huawei Honor 5x is a premium smartphone released in October 2015. Like Xiaomi. Huawei is also a Chinese company but unlike Xiaomi, Huawei has a better demand globally.

Honor 5x bags a sheer processing power, with 3GB RAM and snapdragon 616processor, it is a powerful device to consider before dumping large amount of cash on expensive phones. Honor 5x also features a huge 3000mAh battery and a 13mpnack camera. 5x runs an Android OS v5.0

As for storage capacity, the initial storage is only limited to 16gb.However extendable memory up to 256gb is supported via MicroSD slot.

Price- $200

Source; Amazon

  1. Vodafone Smart Ultra 6


Smart Ultra 6 is a close rival to the Moto G. When it first debuted, it was nothing short of a dream come true for budget smartphone owners however throughout the months the phone’s monthly installment of  £17 remained the same which proved disappointment to many smartphone geeks. Still the spec list of Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 is no less interesting;

Smart Ultra 6 bags a 2Gb RAM with a snapdragon 615 processor, a 13mp back camera and a stunning 3000mAh battery capacity. With 5.5” screen, the Smart Ultra 6 poses a real threat to most phablets of its class.

Like the earlier contender of the list, Smart Ultra’s storage is also limited to 16gb however the storage can be extended to 64gb via MicroSD card.


Source; Amazon.uk

  1. Motorola 4g Dual sim 2015

Motorola 4g dual sim debuted back in 2015 as a reasonable budget smartphone. However the critics argued upon the lesser specs available as compared to other budget phones but that doesn’t leave it behind in the race. The specs include; a 1GB RAM with snapdragon 400, 8mp back camera and a 2390mAh battery.

Moto 4g is present is in both 8gb and 16gb storage with extendable memory up to 32gb. It runs an Android OS v5.0

Whatever the critics have it, we think of Moto g 4g as a major improvement over the previous Moto G and it’s absolutely a stunning budget phone.

Price- $160

Source; Android Community

  1. Samsung Galaxy J7


The J series brings about the revolutionary lineup of affordable budget smartphones. J7 is a sleek metal body smartphone and has many features as the S series smartphones. Not only J7 is affordable, impressive and handy, it’s also regarded as a gaming phone.

J7 has a 1.5Gb RAM and snapdragon 615 processor to help you do any task with comfort and ease, J7 also bags a powerful 13mp camera. The 5.5” inch screen reflects the best of the contrast colors with vivid display. J7 also has a 3000mAh battery draining out your need of often charging. J7 runs an android v5.1 and comes limited to only 16gb memory but can be extended to 256gb via MicroSD card.

Price- $230

Source; Amazon

  1. Nokia Lumia 640XL


Lumia is one of the best options as far as budget smartphones are concerned, lumia 640 is a compact 5.7”phablet that’ll give you a great value over your investment. Not only does 640xl works impressively, it also feels good and comfortable in your hand.

Lumia has 1GB of RAM with snapdragon 400, a powerful 13mp back camera and a huge 300mAh battery to feed your battery desires. Lumia has a 8gb limited internal memory but lumia supports SD card up to 256gb.

For Windows user, lumia might be the best budget windows but due to limited apps, we suggest you consider other budget smartphones from the list.

Price- $220

Source; Amazon

  1. Oppo F1


Oppo F1 features the best front facing camera than any other phone in this list. F1 is also referred to as a “Selfie Expert” by Oppo. Other than just good front camera, Oppo comes with a variety of top notch specs;

Oppo F1 has a beautiful sleek metal design and a 3GB RAM with snapdragon 616. If you thought F1 only had a good front facing camera, you’re wrong; F1 also comes with a powerful 13mp camera. F1 runs an Android OS v5.1

Oppo has a 16gb memory storage however if you need more storage,worry not F1 also offers a MicroSD card.

Price- $250

  1. Oneplus One


Oneplus is a Chinese company that started in 2014, the company debuted with Oneplus One and eventually Oneplus One rose to be one of the best androids of 2014. For such affordable price, there is no phone that can compete with what one provides its users. With features you’d be likely to find in any flagship smartphone, Oneplus one does not fail to amuse buyers on a budget.

One comes with a sheer processing power of 3GB RAM with snapdragon 801, and with 3100mAh battery, there’s no phone that can compete the One’s greatness. One has a memory storage options available from both 16 and 64gb but One does not support a MicroSD card.

With 5.5” inch screen and 13mp camera, it’s no doubt that the One is the best budget phablet on the market. Guaranteed, Oneplus One will give you a bang for your buck.

Price- $249

Source; oneplus Store

Which Cheap Smartphone do you Use?

Comment below to let us know your favourite smartphone to help us compile a list of best smartphones. The above list is made after some research and listing only smartphones not above $250.

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