5 Features Samsung Galaxy S6 Must Have to Make ‘Samsung Comeback’

samsung galaxy s6 concept

While the Galaxy S5 was no stranger when it came to raw mobile computing performance, the device was unable to protect the company from projecting a horrendous financial quarter, who recorded a 60 percent drop in operating profit. Who can blame the South Korean phone maker? With companies like Xiaomi and Huawei on a rampage rolling out premium phones with cost effective price tags, this was bound to happen. Now, after scrolling around with the options that they have left, Samsung has decided to codename its upcoming Galaxy S6 as ‘Project Zero’. Judging from the name, we have to say that Samsung is definitely on to something big. However, for the company to make the ‘Samsung Comeback’ possible, here are five features that we believe the Galaxy S6 must possess.

  1. A premium and robust design

While we had no problem with a plastic exterior since all we care about is performance, what we really covet to see exuding from the Galaxy S6 is something that would be similar to Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. After the device rolls and we feast our eyes on it, we need to have our jaws drop to the floor and our eyes protrude from our sockets and say, ‘Samsung, you just took our breath away’, because that is exactly what the company needs to do in order to sway us back in to the company’s favor. Not only should the Galaxy S6 look beautiful, it should also have the capacity to come out unscathed when a person erroneously drops the device on a hard, unforgiving pedestrian walk away. That is something that we will be thoroughly impressed by.

  1. A ‘near pure Android’ experience

Granted, the Galaxy S6 cannot copy the operating system aesthetics of Nexus products but Samsung should remove the TouchWiz interface from the equation completely. Not only we found that at times,  there was a delay in using the interface (which made it extremely laggy) on the Galaxy S5, but we also had to make tons of tweaks on our own in order to smoothen out the operating system. While the TouchWiz makes us remind the fact that we are using a Samsung phone, we find it completely useless, especially the on-screen keyboard, which prompted us to download a third party app like SwiftKey Keyboard. Impressive specifications go a long way but no good will come of it if you do not refine the interface.

  1. No more bloatware

It is not just Samsung that ends up stuffing useless applications. Countless of other phone makers pre-load the operating system with apps that we know we will never use so why waste valuable resources such as internal memory, RAM and processing speed by putting them there in the first place. Why do we always have to root the device and uninstall those applications manually? Shouldn’t owning a smartphone mean that you do not have to go through that time-consuming and tedious process? Think about this long and hard Samsung.

  1. An OIS chip

Irrespective of the fact that the Galaxy S5 possessed a 16 MP camera, one of reasons why majority of your snapped images were all blurry and fuzzy was because the device did not possess an optical image stabilization (OIS) chip. Instead, in order to capture the ‘perfect snap’, you would be required to hold your breath, make your muscles stiff and then take the picture. Samsung, there is a no point in calling your devices smart if we have to think for ourselves in capturing a satisfactory image.

  1. Better overall specifications

After meticulously looking over the Galaxy S5, we found several things that should be assimilated to the Galaxy S6. They are as follows:

  • A beefier battery
  • Slightly larger screen size
  • Larger amount of RAM
  • Maintain screen resolution as it did with the S5

Coming to the battery capacity, the only difference separating the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S5 was 200 mAh of charge capacity. What Samsung really needs to do is to incorporate a larger size battery and to do that, the company will be required to increase the form factor of the device, similar to the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge. However, what Samsung must absolutely stay away from is upping the screen resolution. You will literally have to pick up the mantle of Sherlock Holmes and equip yourself with a magnifying glass if you are going to notice a shred of difference between a 1080p and a 1440p resolution on a 5 inch screen. Furthermore, the dense resolution plays havoc with the overall experience and battery life. Last, but certainly not least, increasing the amount of overall RAM will be a welcome addition. 2 GB has become a mainstream necessity for mid to high end devices so additional multitasking can be done if Samsung includes at least a bare minimum of an extra GB, making the grant total come to 3 GB.

After comparing and contrasting the Galaxy S5, we were able to note down the five features that the Galaxy S6 must have in order to make a prominent dent in the smartphone industry. Do you feel that we left out something or did we go overboard with our requirements? Will Samsung Galaxy S6 let the company do a big come back or will it be just another experiment with no outstanding features to look for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Hasan Kaymak Innovations 2015

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