5 Simple Transparent Apple iPhone 6s Casings for your iPhone 6Ss

Got a new iPhone 6S? You don’t want to hide the beauty of your iPhone by buying an expensive cover. How about a simple and not so expensive transparent casing? It will keep your original look and feel, protects your phone from shocks and provides a better grip as well. Sounds good?

It happened to me when I bought Apple iPhone 6S few months’ back and I don’t want to hide the beauty of my iPhone. I found one cover, but it was quite expensive. So, I started searching online and I found a lot of casing under $15 that not only protects your iPhone, but also give a very good grip.

Try these Apple iPhone 6S covers to protect your phone from scratches while keeping the original look and feel.

Apple iphone 6s casings

iPhone 6S Scratch Resistant and Shock Absorbing

Price: $9.99 Buy Now!

It is one of the best selling casing that provides two layer of protection, a shock absorbing frame that protects against drops and solid body that protects against bumps. It is specially designed for your iPhone 6S to protect against scratches.

iPhone 6S Case by iHarbort

Price: $3.90 Buy Now!

This super cheap iPhone 6S casing is perfect for daily usage and you can order multiple to make sure you have a new one after few months. It has shockproof function to protect your phone from minor drops. It also gives you a good grip so that you don’t slip the phone from your hands.

iPhone 6s Case, tekSonic® Apple iPhone 6/6s Case

Price: $4.74 Buy Now!

This iPhone case is designed for iPhone 6s 4.7 inches. It is thin and light weight providing flexible durability. It has advance shock absorbing technology, which means it protects your phone against drops.

iPhone 6s Case, Shamo’s® Thin Case Cover TPU Rubber Gel 4.7″

Price: $5.97 Buy Now!

This cover is made from soft silicone rubber gel material to protect your Apple iPhone 6s from accidents and shocks. It protects your phone from dirt, scratches and bumps. This casing is easy to install and uninstall.

iPhone 6S Plus Case, Totallee Clearback Hybrid

Price: $9.99 Buy Now!

This casing protects your phone without adding the mass and keeping the original shape of the iPhone. This cover is 100% customizable to add your picture or ID in the casing. This casing comes with 90 days’ warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty from totallee.

Are these the Best Apple iPhone 6s Covers?

I would recommend all of the casings for your iPhone 6s because all are good when it comes to protecting your iPhone. I am using Totallee Clearback Hybrid iPhone 6s cover and it is so far being good. The best thing is to order 6 or more at the same time because all the covers get pale due to regular wear and tear.

I keep on changing the covers because dirt and moisture from your hands can make the casing look old and pale. If you have 5 or 6 casings, it will keep your phone look attractive. I always use my phone when I am eating and I drop a lot of mayo on my iPhone. I have already changed 7 different transparent casings. Here to mention, I don’t remember how many times I have dropped my iPhone and these casings have done their job so far.

If you have used one of the iPhone 6s casing, share your experience with our readers. You can always write to us on wali at gsmreviews.net.

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