8 Best Accessories for Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft Lumia 535 Display

The Microsoft Lumia 535 might fall in to the category of affordable smartphones, but even these phones need to be taken care of. Along with bringing flexibility, convenience and productivity that a regular Lumia 535 won’t bring to the table, these seven accessories will also go easier on your wallet and in the process, leave you a happy Windows smartphone owner.

The Lumia 535 is Microsoft’s answer of a smartphone that possesses a fluid operating system (Windows 8.1 Mobile) in an affordable ‘5 inch smartphone’ bundle. To improve the overall functionality of your Lumia 535 smartphone, here are seven of the best accessories that you can buy for your Windows handset.

  1. Case Tough Survivor Hard Rugged Shock Proof Heavy Duty Case

Price: $4.85

Smartphones are not the most durable of items to be carrying around in your hand. One slip and who knows, if you’re in luck, you will be able to cover the cost but in majority of the cases, that is not always the case as you will have to buy a brand new smartphone altogether. With the Case Tough Survivor Hard Rugged Shock Proof Heavy Duty Case, which comes with protective rubber padding along with a Retractable Stylus Pen, you will be able to experience comfort as well as able to protect your device.

  1. kwmobile® Car vent mount for Microsoft Lumia 535

Price: $8.40

This accessory is perfect for using your Lumia 535 as a GPS device while driving. This car mount can easily hold the smartphone with or without the cover inside your car. It gives a super tight hold to keep your Lumia 535 protected and mounted even on rough terrain. The mount is padded with foam so that your device remains safe and scratch free.

  1. BookStyle PU Leather Wallet Flip With 2 Credit Card Slot

Price: $4.89

Fancy yourself as a business person who absolutely needs to carry his credit cards for emergencies? Well, you are in luck because the BookStyle PU Leather Wallet Flip With 2 Credit Card Slot features not one but two slots where you will be able to stuff your credit or debit cards for immediate emergencies. In addition to placing two credit or debit cards, users can use a retractable stylus if they get too tired from using the Lumia 535 with their own fingers.

  1. Microsoft Lumia 535 SmartPhone OTG Micro-USB 2.0 to USB Adapter Connection Kit

Price: $11.88

While most USB OTG cables run in to compatibility issues due to the fact that they are made of inferior quality, this OTG Micro-USB 2.0 to USB Adapter Connection Kit will allow you to effortlessly connect your peripherals as well as storage paraphernalia such as flash drives and hard drives (provided they are in the FAT, FAT32, and NTFS format. OTG cables do not recognize storage mediums that are using the exFAT format).

  1. MPERO Collection 5-Pack of Mirror Screen Protectors for Microsoft Lumia 535

Price: $2.49

Microsoft Lumia 535 comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, but screen still needs protection from scratches. These protectors are designed to fit the Lumia 535 screen and protect the screen from any scratches. In just $2.49, you will get 5 screen protectors. It includes detailed instructions and a cloth to clean your smartphone screen before applying the screen protector.

  1. High Grade Windshield or Dashboard Mount

Price: $6.95

Coming with a hassle free installation, this innovative adjustable clamp holder will be able to accommodate your Lumia 535 without the need to purchase an aftermarket case. In addition, you will also be able provide a solid mounting for your smartphone; the only condition that is required to be mounted will be a flat surface.

  1. SanDisk Ultra 64 GB Micro USB 2.0 OTG Flash Drive

Price: $28.99

Even though the Lumia 535 has a microSD slot that can accommodate up to a 128 GB micoSD card, you can never have too much storage, with the SanDisk Ultra 64 GB Micro USB 2.0 OTG Flash Drive, you will be able to have mobile storage on your hands and never look back twice on not purchasing one.

  1. ReadyPlug® Dual USB Port Car Charger for Microsoft Lumia 535

Price: $3.99

Microsoft Lumia 535 has a good battery life, but if you run out of battery on a long road trip, then you need this Lumia 535 car charger. It has Two port 1A and 2A charger output for quick and safe charging. It comes with life-time warranty from ReadyPlug and OC Chip to prevent over charging.

These are best available accessories for your Micorosoft Lumia 535 device. Let us know in the comments, which accessories you are using for your Lumia.

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