Alaska and Vermont has Highest Number of iPhone Users in USA

According to the study conducted by Chitika Inc, Alaska and Vermont has the leading numbers when it comes to iPhone usage in USA. According to the study conducted in USA, Alaska and Vermont are leading with 65.5% and 59.4% people are using iPhone.

The study was conducted by Chitika Inc. by analyzing the samples and impressions collected through their Cidewalk mobile ad platform. The data was collected during the holiday season December 25 to December 31st. Many devices were given as a gift during the season and record sales of iPhone devices were recorded.

According to Chitika Inc. the data correlates with Education Level and Population Density. It shows that many people prefer to use an iPhone over other devices. Over 50 percent of the populations in USA are using iPhone devices.

Our senior editor commented, “I believe that Apple iPhone market share in USA will grow to 60 percent in 2015”.

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iPhone usage map USA

Percentage of iPhone users in each State in USA


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