Amazon Fire Phone Has Been Updated to Accommodate Additional Features

Amazon fire phone

Even though Jeff Bezos’ efforts in tapping in to the smartphone industry with the company’s first ever smartphone was concluded to be an abysmal failure, the founder of the E-commerce giant Amazon is still determined that he can turn things around through an update, thereby increasing the device’s repertoire of features. Amazon recently rolled out the Fire OS update version 3.65 for the AT&T model along with the same update for the unlocked device.

Both updates have allowed the device to further unlock its potential, by including support for translating text to and from the following languages.

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

That’s not all; there is also an augmented feature that allows users to take advantage of the Firefly feature in order to detect over 2,000 different but famous paintings, made by pioneers of the Renaissance age.  Additionally, Amazon has also added a Best Shot feature to the camera, as well as enabling or disabling the ability to receive and send SMS and/or MMS. Messages can be sent by choosing between 49 keyboard languages.

Furthermore, users can also block numbers, access restricted websites using VPN access, and can view notifications in a more refined manner. The new update has also turned your device in to a mini-Kindle book reader. It will allow you to read Kindle books in a continuous motion, and since an update normally means improved bug fixes and better battery life, you will have more time enjoying all the features added to the device.

Still, the $199.99 off-contract price for acquiring the Fire Phone is still too high a price because there are tons of better mobile devices that you can purchase with that amount of money. Even though Jeff Bezos will remain persistent on improving the Fire Phone experience, we have yet to find a single feature or hardware specification that will convince us to purchase one.

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