Amazon Fire Phone is Now Available for $189 – Hot Offer

Amazon Fire Phone was one of the hot launches in 2014 and it was introduced at whooping $649 price tag. Now the price is reduced to $189, which is a real deal for people looking to buy the new smartphone.

Amazon Fire Phone 32GB – Order Now from Amazon

When you order Amazon Fire Phone, you will also get Amazon Prime for free, which worth $99 and unlimited cloud storage for all the pictures taken from Amazon Fire phone. According to the reports, there is a huge stock piled-up and Amazon wants to clear the inventory. Amazon Fire Phone was not successful because of the price tag. The smartphone caused $170 million loss to the company because of different options in similar price.

To be honest, $189 price for Amazon Fire Phone is like giving away the phone for free. Both of the versions are now available for $189 SIM-Free and unlocked.

It is a high-end smartphone having 2.2 Ghz Quad Core processor, 2GB RAM and 13 megapixel. Considering the price tag, it is probably the hottest deal of 2015.

It has compatibility with all the major carriers of USA including AT&T, T-Mobile and many more. All the orders from are shipped free to your address.

Amazon Fire Phone $189

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