Amazon Launched its First Ever Smart Phone: Amazon Fire

Amazon has joined the smart phone war with the launch of their first smart phone device named Amazon Fire. Amazon revealed the smart phone in a press conference in Seattle on 18th June 2014. The smart phone is designed to let you talk on the phone and sell more products on Amazon.

Amazon Fire is a unique 3D phone having 4 front facing cameras for facial tracking, 3D dynamic view that changes as you move the device and it will be exclusively available for AT&T and Amazon from July 25th.

Amazon Fire is priced competitively starting at $199 with two-year contract from AT&T. However, it is not too cheap without a contract priced at $649. Amazon is offering one year free Prime to new customers and access to media.

The most amazing feature is Firefly that can recognize over 100 million items from Amazon Fire cameras and microphone including QR Codes, URLs, Books, Audio files, applications and many more.

The main feature Firefly can be used to point on anything so that you can find more information or buy it on the spot. Amazon will be working with popular fitness app called Myfitnesspal to track calorie count using the Fire phone.

This is not the first 3D phone before that HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D were introduced. However, it is more advanced and provide dynamic prospective effect.

The design and shape look promising with 3D cameras all over the phone. It is available in different vibrant colours to match your taste.

Battery timing is also great and better than iPhone 5S.


Amazon Fire Smart Phone Pictures

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