Amazon’s Appstore now a part of Google’s Android Play Store

Amazon appstore on android

The news that many Android device owners would rejoice to hear; e-commerce giant Amazon’s very own Appstore is becoming a part of Google’s own Android Play Store. Previously, gaining entry in to Amazon’s Appstore was a hassle that only the brave and the bold were willing to take on. Now, Android users will no longer have to go through that excruciating burden as Amazon has made its Appstore a part of its regular Android app.

After users have downloaded and installed the Amazon app from the Google Play Store, they can tap on the app and chose the option ‘Shop by Departments’. After choosing the option, users will come across a whole new section of the Amazon Appstore which will be titled under ‘Apps and Games’. Even though the store was launched on September 9th, only a few sources knew of its existence since Amazon had maintained the consistency of keeping the news clandestine to thousands of Android operating system users.

Apart from taking advantage of the Amazon Appstore, Amazon has stated that the Android app plays host to over millions of items that can be purchased through a single click process. Out of those million items, nearly 200,000 of those items are categorized under movies and television shows that can either be purchased or rented. For book enthusiasts, there are over two million books available that can be downloaded to the users’ Kindle e-book devices. Apart from this, another perk greeting Android devices users will be that they will be getting 5 GB of free photo back-up cloud storage space using Amazon Cloud Drive.

Amazon is also in the process of coming up with developers that can port and / or develop apps for the company’s Fire TV product. While the Fire Phone was nothing less than an abysmal failure, the company still seems to be seeing a healthy growth in the movie and show streaming business.


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