Android Gaining 3% Market Share in China Each Quarter

Android is becoming the fastest growing smartphone operating system all over the world. In China, the share is increasing by 3% each quarter. Apple iPhone expected to launch on China Mobile this December, which may slow down the speed of Android growth.

People are now looking for cheaper devices that are manufactured by local companies in China. However, Apple iPhone price is too high than Android powered cell phones. The report was generated Kantar that states Android market share at 59% at the end of Q3. On the other hand, Appleā€™s iOS share shrinks to 18% from 19.5%.

Baidu reported that average daily users in China accessing web has passed 270 million. It is a huge number and about 30 percent of total population in the world for active Android users.

There is a trend of more sales of cheap smartphones under $200 in China. Most of the smartphones are powered by Android. Currently, Samsung is the leader in smartphone in China for selling most of the devices. Apple is at second position and you can expect upward trend as China Mobile is offering iPhone in December.

China is no doubt a major attraction for cell phone manufacturers and operating system development companies. Android activations is the proof of growth in Chinese market in 2 years. Windows Phones are struggling to keep up with Android and iOS.

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