Android Jelly Bean is on Top with 54.5% Installations

It is now end of 2013 and recently Android KitKat 4.4 started to roll out on new devices. However, Android Jelly Bean still leading with most market share with 54.5% devices running Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean was one of the best stable versions of Android we have seen. Most of the cell phones are running on Android Jelly Bean.

Data was released on Android developer website showing the percentage of devices running Android versions.


Surprisingly, Android Froyo version 2.2 is still used by 1.6% percent of the handsets. It was launched 3.5 years ago and not seen widely used by the users. Most shocking figures are Android Gingerbread, which is still used by 24.1% handsets. It was launched 3 years back and turned out to be the game changer for Android.

Android Honeycomb has just 0.1% market share and it might be because of Google TV app. Android Ice Cream Sandwich has 18.6% of the market share. There are many handsets using Ice Cream Sandwich, it includes handsets made in China.

Android Jelly Bean is leading the market with 54.5% total share with version 4.1.x has 37.4% market share. Jelly Bean is one of the most successful versions of Android. Jelly Bean update fixed many bugs and improved functionality of many handsets.

Android KitKat has 1.1% market share as on 12th December 2013 and it is just couple of weeks since it was launched. It is expected that the number will reach to 20% because many companies have already scheduling the latest update.

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