Apple iPad Mini 2 Launch Date Set to November 2013

Recently, we were expecting iPad Mini 2 to be available in October, but now the launch date might delay to November 2013. The latest news was published on, not famous for leaking technology news. However, we take this is as an authentic source of information. It is due to the mass production of 7.9 inch Retina display panels and production level is already at optimal for global distribution. Apple has mass-produced the iPad Mini 2 Retina display panels.

It is the same date as we had with iPad Mini in 2012 and company will introduce iPad Mini 2 and IPad 5 anywhere between October to December 2013. It is expected that Apple will launch these products before the beginning of holiday season in United States. There were rumors that iPad 5 will be launching in October, but the iPad Mini 2 will come in 2014. ipad-mini-2

Recently, Apple was having troubles with Retina Display panels in iPad Mini 2 causing the delay in launch. You can expect the same resolution of iPad 4 2048×1536 on iPad Mini 2 with higher pixel density 324ppi. It takes an edge over Google Nexus 7 2 having 1920×1200 with 323 ppi pixel density.

Apple iPad Mini 2 will certainly turns the table in 7 inch tablet war because of the high quality specifications. However, it may not defeat Google Nexus 7 in terms of processing speed and RAM. As iPad Mini 2 expected to have A6X class processor and 1GB RAM.

Google Nexus 7 will win over pricing because iPad Mini 2 will be priced higher than Google tablet. It is expected that iPad Mini 2 will be priced around $330 or more. Apple iPad Mini 2 will cover all the criticism received on iPad Mini by not featuring Retina display technology.

You can circle November on your calendar because it will be announced anytime between November before the holiday season.


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