Apple iPhone 6 Pictures Leaked: This Time in Black Colour

Apple iPhone 6 is the talk of the town as the September Apple event is drawing near. This time iPhone 6 is leaked in high-resolution pictures in black colour. We have seen from recent years that when there is a launch of new Apple products, rumours and pictures started to leak on the internet.

You can see the Apple iPhone 6 in black colour with solid casing and a new design. The home button Is present and other buttons like lock button in iPhone 6.

Screen size is quite bigger from earlier version of smartphones. This time Apple has changed the design of the device with rounded corners.

Apple iPhone fans can enjoy a new design change for Apple, but the team here at GSM Reviews isn’t impressed by the new design.

LG G3 bezel free design looks more advanced than Apple iPhone 6. One of our editor comments that it looks like so 2012 design for iPhone 6.

Believe it or not we are loving the new iPhone 6 because it is almost 3 years Apple made a significant change to their iPhone flagship.

It is more sleek and stylish than ever before. Check out the leaked pictures and decide by yourself. The new pictures are clearer than previously leaked Apple iPhone 6 pictures.

Add your comments about the new iPhone 6 design in the comments.

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