Apple iPhone 7 Powered by Samsung Coming Soon in 2015

According to the reports and rumors, Samsung might be manufacturing the processors for Apple iPhone 7. There are rumors earlier today that Samsung could be manufacturing the new A9 chipset processors for the new iPhone 7. It is expected that Apple may introduce iPhone 7 in September 2015. However, there are no official confirmations about the new processor from Apple or Samsung.

Previously, Samsung manufactured the A7 processors for Apple iPhone 5 and 5S. GSM Reviews team are also expecting the Apple iPhone 6S before iPhone 7. However, we have yet to confirm the news about the Apple iPhone 6S. Apple may introduce Apple iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 6S.

Samsung lost a huge share of business when they lost the bid to Taiwan’s manufacturer TSMC for providing A8 processors for Apple iPhone 6. Samsung is also going to use 70% of their own processors in Samsung Galaxy S6 and rest might be Qualcomm Snapdragon.

According to our experts, “Apple may not go with Samsung for providing the processors for iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S because they are competing with Samsung. TSMC might continue to manufacture the A9 processors for Apple. We never know because Samsung is working hard to get the business from Apple.”

We still have many months because Apple will keep the tradition of introducing their new smartphone in September. We are expecting the event in September 2015, which is still 8 months to go. Let us wait for more authentic news.


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