Apple iPhone 7 Release Date, Price – Everything You Need to Know

With September approaching, it’s not surprising at all that the whole world is excited about the new iPhone launch (at least iPhone users are) since Apple announces its new model every September, and with every coming September comes a new and more tech-innovative iPhone.

Prior to the launch of next-generation iPhone, the rumors about the iPhone 7 started coming in the very beginning of 2016. Thanks to these rumors we can pretty much expect what the coming iPhone beholds for the world when it debuts in the mid-September 2016. Until then iPhone 6s and 6s plus remain the flagship iPhone models. iPhone 6s, withholds a record for selling over 1.3 million devices over the opening week, so we can pretty much assume that Apple will hit its competitors hard.

Since the 3GS launch, Apple has devised a new scheme “S” to label years where it keeps the previous iPhone’s design but with some minor changes and enhancements. “S” models are launched in an alternative year after every new-generation iPhone’s launch, giving Apple plenty of time to perfect the next iPhone’s design and software. With iPhone 6s & 6s plus launched in September 2015, the whole world is excited to see the next new-generation iPhone aka iPhone 7.

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Here’s some of the information we have on the iPhone 7 so far:

IPhone 7 – Body & design

The iPhone 7 might be thinner than the iPhone 6s but to remove the added thickness, Apple has decided upon an ingenious idea. Several rumors suggest that Apple might remove the 3.5mm headphone jack to make the iPhone 7 lighter and thinner.

But however other rumors suggest that the new iPhone 7 may have the same body thickness as its predecessor i.e. iPhone 6s.

Source: 9to5 Mac

Reportedly, Apple is working on the lightning equipped EarPods (which it plans to sell with iPhone 7). So, if Apple decides to remove the headphone jack, don’t worry the lightning equipped EarPods will connect via Bluetooth to provide you with crisp and clear sound.

MacRumors and other sources affirm that iPhone 7 may have the similar design pattern as iPhone 6s i.e. aluminium body. However some rumors suggest that Apple might remove those fancy antenna bands on the new device that are visible across the back shell of iPhone 6/6s, but might also still keep the bands located on top, bottom & sides.

Some rumors suggest that you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink on your iPhone 7 since Apple plans to make its frame water-resistant.

What about the Processor, RAM & storage on iPhone 7?

Rumors suggest that iPhone 7 and 7 plus may have different RAM amounts. iPhone 7 (4.7″) might come with a 2GB RAM while the 7 plus (5.5″) might come with a 3gb RAM to feed the image processing requirements of the re-designed camera.

Source: TrendForce Press Release

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Apple might ditch the 16gb storage and provide 32gb as the basic storage. But still the chances for that to happen are close to none. Another rumor has it that Apple might upgrade to 256gb. This sounds like a good news for the peeps who with Heavy download needs.

Apart from so many major changes, iPhone 7 is also expected to bag some serious processing power. It will work on a faster, improved and better A10 chip as compared to its predecessor A9 chip.

iPhone 7 – The Camera

Apple has always had good recognition as far as good camera quality is concerned. Rumor has it that iPhone 7 might consist of a dual lens iSight camera. With Apple’s recent buy of the imaging company “LinX imaging”, it may take the right advantage and develop a camera with two lenses narrowing the difference between iPhone’s camera and HD SLR camera quality.

Dual lens camera possess a variety of advantages for the iPhone 7 such as better clarity and brightness, , less-noisy, and more contrasting images, along with 2-3x zoom. So there’s no contradiction to the fact that the dual lens camera would absolutely be a game changer for the iPhone 7.

The camera will allow normal functions and modes including slow-mo video, panorama and 4k video recording.

What would be the Battery timing on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 may have the same battery timing as compared to iPhone 6s, but rumors suggest that iPhone 7 might have an improved battery timing. An image surfaced on the internet earlier shows that the iPhone 7 has a battery identical to iPhone 6. Rumor or not, we just want an improved battery timing, period.

Let’s talk about the Display of iPhone 7

Apple has been using retrica display for its smartphones’LCDs since iPhone 4. However, rumors suggest that Apple might be deciding to end the retrica streak. Several rumors report that apple is working on AMOLED displays for the upcoming iPhone models. Whether the iPhone 7 gets this technology or not, the question still remains.

Colors Options for iPhone 7

With the introduction of the new color i.e. Rose gold in the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 is expected to come in 4 distinct colors – white/silver, black/space grey, golden/white, and last but not the least in rose gold. With a variety of colors available, it’s a relief to the contradiction about earlier iPhone models being available only in white and black. Whether you choose the graceful white or glamorous rose gold, the new iPhone in your hands wouldn’t fail to attract some looks for sure.

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What more will iPhone 7 come with?

iPhone 7 is expected to have some similar features as iPhone 6s. These features include a 3D Touch and Touch ID. However, some rumors suggest that the new iPhone might have an integrated Touch ID with no home button.

iPhone 7 – The release date & price speculation

If you plan to buy the new iPhone but haven’t started saving for it, I would suggest you to better start now. Why? Because the new iPhone won’t be costing cheap or affordable at all! With prices expected to reach $1000 or more depending on the storage capacities, iPhone 7 will definitely lighten your pocket for a while. Wow!

Following the same release scheme over the last years, it’s expected that the new iPhone would release in mid-September like its predecessors.

A glance on iPhone 7

With the release time this close, rumors have started to come in and the frequency is higher than ever. Moreover, these rumors are no less interesting in any way. iPhone 7 is expected to have a progressive design change and will include even better and newer features. With so many changes, no wonder that iPhone 7 will shake the ground when it finally comes to the market.

Apple iPhone 7 Leaked Pictures

We have gathered all the leaked pictures so far from different sources. These are just speculation and we have to wait for the actual release date to get the idea about the new Apple iPhone 7.

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