Apple iPhone Coming Soon to China Mobile

As part of expansion plans, Apple is trying to capture the market in China. It is expected that iPhone may come to China Mobile this year on December 18. China Mobile is the largest cell phone carrier in China having about 70% of market share. China Mobile is also the world’s largest cellular carrier in terms of active mobile users.

China Mobile is also expected to introduce their latest updated 4G service. It is a good news for over 740 million customers of China Mobile. It is twice the population of USA and the potential of Apple iPhone sales is very high. Many customers are potential iPhone lovers and they are waiting to get their hands on range of latest iPhone devices.

It is also expected that China Mobile’s new 4G service will be compatible with Apple iPhone. China’s largest carrier has invested in their new technology and launch of iPhone devices will cover the cost.

It is assumed that after the launch of iPhone devices about 20 million activations will be made. According to Forbes, it may grow to 30 million.

Apple is already gaining market share to Samsun in Japan. This deal is coming at the right time and demand for Apple iPhone will increase.

The deal was first came into news in August and it was expected to offer in early January 2014. Now iPhone lovers in China don’t have to wait longer. As it is expected to launch on China Mobile on December 18 before Christmas.

We are waiting for the response from customers in China because Apple is not much famous so far. The new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be available after the launch.

We will keep you updated when there is change in dates.

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