Apple iPhone X – Is It Worth Buying After all?

Apple iPhone X is arguably the best smartphone you can buy in $1000. The camera, the battery, the new Face ID features are all the highlights of this amazing smartphone. But, what you ask your pockets is whether the Apple iPhone X is really worth your money. Let’s take a closer look:

Apple iPhone X Features

We all have been fans of the iPhone designs since years and honestly, Apple iPhone X has not disappointed us this year. Apple iPhone X features a top-notch display that you can ever see in a smartphone. All thanks to the TrueTone technology by Apple, the colors are more accurate, and the brightness is minimal while holding it from any angle and direction. Apple has removed the big circle button from the body, to stretch the touchscreen to its very best. Sharpness and Hue are really placed well inside the Super AMOLED Touchscreen and watching a 4K Movie is a charm on this smartphone. Speaking of watching videos, the front facing stereo speakers are really loud.

Apple iPhone X displayed in Apple Shop

Looking out for more features to buy this $1000 phone, right?

Here comes the Face ID feature, replacing the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, that can unlock your iPhone just by looking at it. Face ID can be used on any app, whether it is your banking app or just your messages. But keep in mind, Face ID can be a nightmare for people whose features are not easily recognized by the camera and thus, the Apple iPhone X will stop showing notifications like messages, missed calls and emails. Face ID is relatively new and somewhat unstable at the moment.

Coming to the hardware, the iPhone X is extremely pleasant for all hardware fans. This 5.8” inch phone is equipped with a Hexa-Core 2.39 GHz CPU and a hefty 3GB RAM, that is a big achievement for iPhone since the iPhone 8 was equipped with only 2GB RAM. The phone comes in just 64GB and 128GB ROMS just like its predecessor. Enough of space for all your apps and movies altogether.

Apple has already said that it has used the strongest Glass ever used in a smartphone. So, you can be sure that it won’t break that easy. What amuses us is that Apple has used this hardened glass on both sides (front and back) and that feels really stunning for people who often drop their phone. The sides of the iPhone X body are made of steel and gives a premium look while holding in hands as well as ears.

Why Should you Buy Apple iPhone X it?

Because its an Apple iPhone! Yes, this could be one major reason for many of us switching to $1,000 smartphone despite having a lot of options like Samsung Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8+, Google Pixel 2 XL and many more. In some countries, Apple iPhone does have good resale values that helps you switch easily to a newer version without losing a lot of money.

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To conclude this article, yes, Apple iPhone X is really worth buying and fairly has the best camera in the market. You won’t feel to buy a cheap SLR if you have this phone in your pocket. No kidding, but the Apple iPhone X is equipped with a Dual 12MP camera with features likes OIS, Phase detection, 2x optical zoom, dual-tone flash as well as auto-focus. Does your hand shake when taking a portrait picture? Well, that doesn’t matter anymore. The front camera of iPhone X is a 7MP image-stabilized, portrait-ready and optional HDR. A little heavy on the pockets maybe, but much heavier on the heart.

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