Apple is Working on iWatch Says Tim Cook CEO

After Steve Jobs, many people were thinking about the future of Apple. Tim Cook has proved himself and now coming up with Apple iWatch. Not many of us had high hopes after Steve Jobs, but Time Cook has led the company to success and gaining more market share in three years. However, the growth rate was slower over the three years, but Apple has become a giant.

He was also blamed for not coming up with innovative ideas for Apple few years back when iPhone 5 was launched. However, Tim Cook made significant improvements secretively for the company that now it is becoming Tim Cook’s Apple.

The detailed profile of Tim Cook was published on The New York Times. In which, he has iWatch under his sleeve, but delegated the task to the product team.

He revealed about the iWatch detail profile publication on The New York Times this Sunday 15 June 2014.

This could be the turning point because many people accused that there was lack of innovation after Steve Jobs. Apple iPhone 5 was a reflection of iPhone 4 and not much difference to iPad.

Apple iPad domination was decreasing when other companies started to introduce tablets with better features.

Many other companies like Samsung and Sony has already introduced smart watches. However, they were not able to provide reliable experience to the users.

Apple is famous for making reliable products with innovative designs and iWatch could turn the table around for Apple.

Apple has become so big that the success of iWatch would be like peanuts, says Toni Sacconaghi. It will add only 50 cents a share in earnings if you sell 10 million iWatch devices.

Apple iWatch is real and it will be available later this year and might be announced with iPhone 6.

There are a lot of expectations from Apple because people are anticipating major changes to iPhone 6 this year.

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