Apple’s #Bendgate Woes Continue with the Bending iPad Air 2

After Apple’s phablet sized iPhone 6; the iPhone 6 Plus started suffering a slight deformation after pressure was exerted by placing the device in the owner’s pocket for too long, it would have occurred to Apple consumers that the Cupertino tech giant would have ameliorated the situation when it launched its flagship tablet; the iPad Air 2. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as the #bendgate issues continues to haunt Apple, its products and most importantly, the customers spending large amount of money on a ludicrously priced product.

apple ipad air 2 bendgate issues

The company’s latest slate possesses a wafer thickness of 0.24 inches (or 6.1 mm), and as far as bending goes, the tablet is also susceptible to succumb and bend under sufficient force has been exerted on the product, as evidenced in the latest video being released. To demonstrate the rigidity of the slate, the iPad Air 2 went through the same bend test as its smaller cellular counterparts did. Initially, the results concluded that the device was robust enough to withstand the force attempting to bend it. However, in the next video, the product is shown to literally snap in half.

However, what would be interesting to notice is that the force being exerted in order to snap to tablet in half was far more than what would actually be exerted on the tablet under real world conditions. Currently, Apple has not given any statement related to the latest #bendgate issue but if consumers do start to face this problem in the near future, the company should attempted to cover their products under warranty.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus bendgate issue was highlighted globally and many brands mocked Apple on that issue. Is it going to hurt company’s reputation? As far as Apple users, they are not bothered by the bendgate issue.

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