BBM’s Update Brings New Features to the iOS, Android and BB Platform


While BlackBerry and its handsets might be at the bottom of the food chain, looking for crumbs in the smartphone industry market share, the company’s BBM application is still a very popular messaging app. Now, the app is about to get even better. The previously rolled out update did not go to well in the company’s favor so now the phone maker has been observing users carefully in order to bring about an update that will cater to majority of BBM users.

In the new update, if the user types any form of text in the text field and then tap the emotion picker, it will display an emoticon similar to the ones it did in the previous versions of BBM. However, if the user does not write any form of text in the text field and taps the emotion picker, it will allow you to send a sticker that will possess a larger size. This change is being brought to the Android and BlackBerry 10 platform.

Currently, BBM version 2.6 is available to download for the iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 platforms. The latest update has also end up increasing the maximum time to 60 seconds for the timed message to disappear. The timed messages can be viewed innumerable number of times, but users will not be able to view it when the timer reaches zero.

As for the iOS, BBM sports a brand new interface in order to match the aesthetics of Apple’s latest iOS 8 operating system. In addition, the interface will also change in order to accommodate itself in to the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. So far BlackBerry has done quite well for itself, at least when its messaging application is concerned. After looking at how polished the BBM has become, we will recommend you to start downloading and using it. You will not be left disappointed.


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