BlackBerry Passport Coming in Gold

blackberry passport gold edition

BlackBerry latest device BlackBerry Passport is now coming in Gold edition. The Gold Edition looks luxurious and attractive. BlackBerry Passport in black is already available in the market and the white color edition is coming soon.

Now the pictures of BlackBerry Passport Gold Edition appeared on the web. The new device brings a lot of attention the BlackBerry fans. We’ve tested one of the devices and it is so far one of the stable and fastest BlackBerry devices available in the market.

The new BlackBerry Passport might be the turning point for BlackBerry because company has a lot of expectations. However, the price maybe the concern for the most buyers.

The new Gold Edition will target the high-end market where people to prefer luxury and classy smartphones. It also includes the Porsche Design series smartphones by BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Passport has many alternatives in same price, but we would recommend BlackBerry Passport. As we’ve tested the device for two days and already liked the performance and the design of the device.

BlackBerry OS 10 is easy to use, but the apps are limited in BlackBerry World. There are many other cheaper smartphone options are also available in the market.

Would you like to own the new BlackBerry Passport?

blackberry passport gold edition


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