Cyanogen Raises $110 Million without Microsoft’s Help

According to Bloomberg, Cyanogen Inc. is close to get an agreement on $110 million round of funding. Cyanogen Inc. is planning to get its Android version of the software in more smartphones. On the other hand, Microsoft Corporation decided not to invest after the negotiations, but Microsoft still be interested in a commercial deal to run Microsoft applications in Cyanogen powered Android software.

Cyanogen is working on creating custom software based on Android without Google services. Cyanogen idea is to provide a platform that offers options to users without relying on any choices provided by Google, Apple or even Microsoft.

Cyanogen is also planning to introduce their own app store within a year to offer a platform to new application developers. Microsoft may not be able to get the deal to have applications in new Cyanogen based Android software because Cyanogen wants to keep the software open.

Cyanogen ROM was used in OnePlus One and other smartphones, but now OnePlus has its own custom software. Cyanogen is planning to provide its platform to new smartphones with their customized ROM. Microsoft trying hard to get their services enabled as Google blocked all the Microsoft services in Android.

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