Extend Your Apple iPhone 6 Battery with These 9 Super Battery Cases

Everyone wants to extend their iPhone 6 battery life without any hassle. These awesome battery cases will solve your problem. These Apple iPhone 6 battery cases are designed to extend the battery life of your iPhone 6 without finding a plug or a cable to charge your smartphone. We have created a list of best available iPhone 6 battery covers that will help you fully utilize your iPhone 6 4.7 inch.

  1. i-Blason 4.7 Inch Battery Case MFI Certified for iPhone 6

Price: $59.99


This iPhone 6 battery case provides comprehensive protection while maintaining the slim form factor of your phone. The built-in 3200 mAh lion-thium polymer battery provides a more than a full charge for your phone when you are going on a long road trip or somewhere hiking. The best thing about this battery case is that it is MFI certified, which means it is compatible with iPhone 6 iOS system and any other future updates as well. It supports charging and data sync simultaneously. You can buy the charger buy clicking the above link from Amazon.

  1. ZuZo External Protective iPhone 6 Battery Case

Price: $29.95


ZuZo external battery protective case is specially designed for iPhone 6 4.7 inch. It includes the 1X battery pack for your iPhone. It has 2500 mAh capacity providing about 1.2 times iPhone original battery. This case provides easy access to all the buttons on your iPhone without making anything difficult.

  1. Alpatronix BX140 Ultra-Slim Protective Extended iPhone 6 Charging Case

Price: $61.95


This iPhone 6 casing is for the crazy IPhone lovers, available in 10 different vibrant colors. This MFI certified casing provides 150% charge to your iPhone 6 with 3100 mAh built-in battery. This ultra slim iPhone 6 case protects your iPhone, thanks to its hard shell. This case is undergone extensive testing before introducing to iPhone 6 users. This casing also provide screen protector for extended protection. This casing comes with 1x battery case, 1x standard bumper, 1 accent bumper, 1x headphone adapter cable, 1x microUSB cable, 1x screen protector, 1x user manual and 1x warranty card. It is highly recommended for users who want the best for their iPhone 6.

  1. ArmorPro iPhone 6 Battery Charger Case

Price: Visit the link for info

ArmorPro iPhone 6 Battery Charger Case

The ArmorPro iPhone 6 is designed to protect your phone from shocks and bumps. It comes with 3500 mAh built-in battery that will charge your iPhone 6 within 2 hours. The powerful battery makes sure that you never run out of power. This case is one of the best-selling on Amazon and currently out of stock. You can visit the link to check for the stock.

  1. 4000mAh External Battery 4.7″ Case

Price: $17.15 (Only white color in this price, follow the link for different colors)


This powerful battery case provides almost twice the charge for your iPhone 6. It is specially design to protect your phone from any shocks or bumps. It comes with LED indicators for power balance. This is simple and easy to use case providing extended battery and protection for iPhone 6.

  1. Kujian iphone 6 Battery Case 3200 mAh

Price: $14.66 (Only black color in this price, follow the link for different colors)


This extended battery cover provides over 150% charge for your iPhone 6 4.7 inch. Vertified by FCC/CE/ROHS full compatible with iOS system and future OS updates. All the Kujian products comes with 1 year warranty and this case is best in the market. You can conveniently change the battery case and easily sync with your Macbook or PC.

  1. Rechargeable Power Case with Stand 4.7inch

Price: $13.99 (Only black color in this price, follow the link for different colors)


This affordable battery case provides extended battery charging for your iPhone 6. It comes with integrated on-off switch to control the battery case charging. You can check the power status at a glance with 4 light LED status indicator.

  1. iBeek 3200mAh External Battery Backup Charger Case

Price: $20.99

iBeek 3200mAh External Battery Backup Charger Case

It comes with external battery cover and stand for your iPhone 6 4.7 inch. The built-in battery gives you 3200mAh backup. This light weight, super slim case protects your phone from damage and extends the battery life.

  1. External Protective Charger Pack for 4.7 Inch

Price: $59.97

External Protective Charger Pack for 4.7 Inch

The powerful 3600mAh built-in battery provides more than a full charge for your iPhone 6 and protects your phone from scratches. The precise cut and design provides easy access to all ports and buttons on your iPhone. This case used Frame Clip system and leading rechargeable battery. The LED indicator provides battery power level. This case is compatible with all the iOS systems including 7, 8 and any future updates.

These are some of the best extended battery cases for your Apple iPhone 6 4.7 inch. If you have used any of these cases, please share your experience in the comments section below.

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