Facebook to Launch a New App, But only For Celebrities

Facebook will be launching a new application, but you cannot use this app unless you are a celebrity. This is quite discriminating and interesting news for many. This VIP app is in testing stage by some famous group of people. It will enable the celebs to handle their facebook accounts easily on the go. They can reply to fans and post updates about their trip easily.

Facebook is trying to get more celebrities to use facebook like Twitter. Many celebs prefer to use Twitter and facebook has copied jason-statham many things from Twitter like hashtags and now a VIP app. On the other hand, twitter provides much easier access to all the replies and updates from fans. This application can be used with Android, iOS and any other OS.

Twitter started this and now facebook copying the same pattern by introducing this new app. Twitter distributes VIP app versions to celebrities and hired many celebs to test the applications. Similarly, facebook has provided this application to small group of famous people.

It will be an exciting feature for celebrities because not many celebs use facebook to connect with their fans. Mostly prefer Twitter over facebook because of easy conversations and replying. This application may help facebook getting original celeb accounts and more user interaction.

We will try to get our hands on the VIP app through one of our resources, when it is available. However, you may not be able to get your hands on VIP facebook app, unless you become a celebrity.


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