Fake Copies of Oppo Find 7 and N3 Is a Worry for Oppo


Copies of famous smartphones are always an issue for smartphone manufacturers. China’s smartphone manufacturer Oppo Is also worried about fake copies of their smartphones Find 7 and N3. We always see many copies of Apple iPhone and Samsung devices in the market. These copies are famous in Asian markets where people are not able to afford expensive smartphones.

Oppo is famous for manufacturing unique smartphones and introducing new designs. Oppo is working hard to overcome this problem so that users only buy original devices. There are some legal actions that can be taken by Oppo to protect their copyright and trademarks. However, it is hard for many smartphone manufacturers to track and launch a legal action against companies manufacturing copied phones.

This case was reported in Malaysia, Oppo entered Malaysian market to offer their products. There are many counterfeit products available in the market and they warn users to beware of them.

According to our reports, there are more than hundred factories in China capable of manufacturing copied electronics. Our editor reported, “you can find any copy of any famous smartphone in Asian markets where copyright laws are weak. People buy those copies as they are near to original smartphones. The only way to overcome this issue is to have a legal presence in that country to take action against copyright infringers.”

Moreover, we at GSM Reviews recommend only original products and check the seller reputation before buying a smartphone. Oppo smartphones are one of the best in the market with a unique design.


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