Famous Upcoming Smartphones in 2018 – A Peek into 2018

2017 is near its end and had been a great year for tech buffs. The most bought and popular phones of this year were the Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2. However, with the increasing pace of smartphones evolving each year, there’s an anticipation of buying a successor and an urge of getting a new phone and keep up to date with the latest hardware and features. Without wasting your time in the introduction, here is a list of the best upcoming smartphone of 2018. The list includes rumors with credible evidence as well as upcoming smartphones that were announced by their makers.

Nokia 9

Nokia 9 is going to hit shelves in spring 2018 and this time Nokia is going to make it big. This all-in by Nokia is surely going to be an interesting upcoming smartphone this year. The specs are not out at the moment but all we know as of now is the Nokia 9 is going to be equipped with an outstanding camera, the Carl Zeiss optic.


With the impressive launch on HTC U11 this year, HTC is surely going to break the market with its hardware and feature upgraded HTC U12, expected to launch in spring 2018. HTC is already having a huge fan base probably because of its outstanding camera and the custom Android user interface (HTC Sense, which is blazing fast and gives a great battery life).


The LG G7 is going to get official in Spring 2018 and will break the market with its excessive new features, a new camera (best in the market), a complete new custom user interface and a bigger, better and larger touchscreen.

Google Pixel 3

All we know about the Pixel 3 series are rumors and news. The rumors say that there may be three phones just like the Pixel 2 series had two. Now, gossip says that if there are more than two phones in the series Google may be going toward value this time as the first two phones were quite high-end expensive, falling in the iPhone category.  Expectants have their fingers crossed.

OnePlus 6/6T

After the universal success of OnePlus 5/5T, fans are anticipating another flagship release in 2018. It is most likely to be released in the June of 2018 or somewhere around the middle of the year. There’s quite a fair chance that OnePlus may move up its resolution to QHD and of course we’ll get to experience some more of that dual-lensed camera.

Apple iPhone 9/XI

The 2018 iPhone is a ghost. iPhone being the most anticipated phone of the year Apple is good at hiding its specs until the trailer is released. All that can be done till then is blind guesses. As far as we have collected from trustable sources about the new-up-coming iPhone is that it may have a changeable lens feature which Apple is currently investing into. But it definitely is going to be something bigger and better than all the rest.

Apple iPhone 9, iPhone 11 Concept 2018

Apple iPhone 9/iPhone 11 Concept image

Image source: https://tech.blorge.com/2017/08/08/iphone-9-release-date-specs-and-rumors/161857

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