Finally Sony Honami C690X Pictures Leaked

We saw earlier that Sony was making every effort not leak out any images of new Sony Honami. Now there are bunch of Sony Honami pictures leaked showing the new handset. First time we are seeing the live version of the Sony Honami C690X.

You can see the pictures from different angles confirming the 20.7 megapixel with LED flash and G Lense. It is expected to have amazing camera that will compete with Nokia 1020 and Galaxy Zoom. It also has 3000 mAh battery, which can provide excellent backup.

You can see it is slightly bigger than the Sony Xperia Z and looks more attractive. You have to wait for the launch to get your hands on. Sony is trying hard to capture the smart phone market after series of new smart phones. Sony handsets are not recognized highly by the customers in the market. One of the reasons is that some people prefer running brands like Samsung and HTC.

Some of the customers were not happy with earlier Sony smart phones because of poor camera performance and battery timings. Sony introduced 13 megapixels camera that was about near to 8 megapixel shooters of other companies. Sony Honami has raised the expectations because of good camera and battery along with blend of features.

Earlier, there was a statement by NTT DoCoMo CFO Kazuto Tsubouchi that “Xperia image is as good as iPhone”. However, we have to disagree because the quality of Apple products has been superior to any other smart phone manufacturer. People prefer to purchase iPhone when they are spending around $700, but not Android phones at the same price.

You can see the pictures that new Sony Honami looks very attractive and high quality. We can better review after the launch of the phone. Subscribe to our Rss for latest news!

Source via xperiablog

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