Get Ready Apple to launch iPhone and iPad on September 10

This news might come as a shock because Apple will also introduce the iPad model alongside iPhone. It will give you a wide variety of choices for your holiday season. This news was posted on Bloomberg, not famous for leaking technological news. However, we will take it as authentic because of the medium.

You will be able to get your hands on thinner iPad version and iPad mini 2 alongside with new iPhone. There is a rumor that iPhone 5C will be delayed to launch later by iPhone. It might be a strategy to boost sale for iPhone 5S because people may go for the budget iPhone more.

The iPad models will have a thinner body similar to current iPad Mini. It will be a long awaited redesign for Apple ipad since March 2012. And iPad Mini 2 expected to have higher screen resolution and Retina display technology with refinements.

Apple tablet market share dropped from 60% to 32% in quarter 2 2013. It is expected that with the launch of new products, it will go high again. It will be wise move because Google has launched an impressive version of Nexus 7 earlier in July. The new iPad models will bring a sigh of relief to Apple tablet’s shrinking market share.

Many of you might be disappointed from the news because there will be no announcement about iPhone 5C on September 10 event. However, the time is passing and we are hearing a lot of news and you can expect anything.

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Leaked iPad Mini 2 Images

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