Google’s Project Ara Boasts Best Performing Processors

One of Google’s most ambitious projects, named Project Ara has been the talk of town of being able to customize the phone’s hardware specifications and its overall form factor according to the user’s requirement. The device will have a starting price tag of $50 and will work its way up depending on how powerful the component is being swapped with the stock one.

Now, additional news suggests that Google is going to announce a slobber knocker of a news at its Project Ara developer conference that is scheduled to take place next month. Google is currently working with graphic chips guru NVIDIA as well as Marvell to work on chipsets that will be incorporated in to the modular smartphone. What this means is that Project Ara’s smartphones might be fitted with an even faster variant of NVIDIA’s formidable Tegra K1 processor along with Marvell’s 64 bit PXA1928 chip.

In addition to these two firms, Google had earlier announced a partnership with Rockchip to make application processors for the modular smartphone. This application processor will cost Google even far less than regular processors so as a result, there is a very high possibility that the starting price of these modular smartphones begins below $50. The applications processors will most likely be ready by spring 2015.

Google has stated that the first ever modular smartphone is nothing short of beautiful and promises to show it to the public that will be present at the developer conference. While there is no official date for the release of the modular smartphone, we are thoroughly excited to get our hands on something where we can actually choose what to upgrade without spending too much money. Are you excited for the imminent release of Google’s Project Ara modular smartphones? Let us know in the comments below.


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