HTC Codename M8 or HTC One 2 Latest Images leaked

htc m8 leakedWe are hearing rumours about HTC One 2 codename HTC M8 from few months. Now the latest images are leaked for the cell phone. People are anxiously waiting for HTC new phone and probably HTC One successor.

HTC did not launch any major smartphones after the launch of HTC One Max and HTC fans are anticipating a good smartphone. The latest image looks more promising than earlier leaked images.

Images are leaked by Russian Twitter account @htcfamily_ru, but the leaked image clearly shows Chinese characters on the screen.

Twitter account gained recognition after leaking series of HTC M8 speculations. The screen shows traditional Chinese characters used in Taiwan. You can guess as HTC is also from Taiwan making the leaked image to be HTC M8.

This might be the real HTC M8 as it shows clear detail of the smartphone. You can see the LED indicator next to camera. However, not confirmed about the features of the phone.

The shape of the HTC M8 is pretty elongated making it unreal, but the person who imagining HTC M8 is good at making fake phones.

We think that the image is fake because the bottom speaker and the touch controls cover up too much space. In reality, this space is not practical for the cell phone.

The earlier leaked photos shows the similar angles as the new picture. We cannot speculate that it is a real HTC M8. However, the pictures are close to reality and it would take a very creative person faking the phone model. Add your thoughts in the comment and Subscribe to GSM Reviews for latest news.


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