HTC One M9 to Boast Powerful BoomSound Stereo Speakers

It is now only 4 days to go for MWC to start and we are all set to bring updates about all the latest gadgets that are going to be displayed at the event. This time it is HTC One M9, It is said to be equipped with more powerful BoomSound Stereo speakers. HTC One M8 had the same speakers, but HTC saying that expect better speakers.

Earlier HTC posted a teaser video on Twitter with a statement that to expect better BoomSound experience. The new speakers will be very loud to provide good sound and music experience. There were reports that HTC has partnered with Dolby Laboratories to provide 5.1 surround sound feel in the new device. It is going to be a new advancement If HTC offers 5.1 surround sound capabilities in their new smartphone.

We are expecting to see two variants of HTC One M9 with 5.0 inch display and One M9 Plus with QHD 5.2 inch screen. HTC One M9 will be revealed the same day on March 1 at MWC. Samsung and HTC are going head to head with the battle of the smartphones.

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