HTC Robert Downey Jr Commercial is Here’s to Change

HTC is spending $1 Billion of their marketing budget to capture the US market by hiring Robert Downey Jr. with a series of commercials. Robert Downey Jr. is highest rated Hollywood star in 2013 in terms of earnings. Iron Man (Tony Stark) star may prove out to be a real superhero for HTC. It is expected that HTC sales volume may go higher because of Robert Downey Jr. Fan following.

If you ask our editors here at GSM Reviews, they are pretty excited about the new commercial featuring the Hollywood superstar. The first advertisement does not feature any cell phone, but building a company’s brand name. HTC is trying to build a brand that capture people mind and they are using the slogan “Here’s to Change”.  HTC has used different words for abbreviations to build a brand image like “Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran”, “Hot Tea Catapult”, “Hipster Troll Carwash”, “Hold This Cat”, “Hawaiian Tickle Ceremony”, “Hungarian Tuba Concert”, “Hog Tied Clown”, “Hands That Clap”, “Hot Tempered Cheerleaders”, and “Happy Telephone Company”. The main slogan is “here’s to change”, which delivers the main message.

As you can expect, the advertisement is full of fun to watch. It will certainly improve HTC image in the United States. We love the Robert Downey Jr. appearance after watching the advertisement. You can also enjoy the full video below.

Source: HTC

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