Inbox App Finally Gets Android Wear Support

inbox-appInbox, which is a whole new task-oriented app presented to you by Gmail, has been given perhaps the biggest update which will enable wearable owners to increase their productivity to a whole new echelon. The application has now been made to support the Android Wear platform, where users wearing smartwatches running the Android Wear operating system will be able to receive a variety of notifications.

These notifications will include letting users check their emails, along with sending replies and mark read items, all from the comfort of the user’s wrist. In addition, the update for the Inbox app has also granted wearable owners to enable or disable notifications as we are well aware of the amount of discomfort these notifications cause when you have a tiny computing device strapped to your wrist and you want to sleep or rest comfortably. However, what the Inbox app update has done brilliantly was to include things such as setting up reminders and suggestions, all from the minute navigational screen size.

Google had announced its Gmail service back in 2004, which revolutionized the way people communicated with another. Now with the Inbox update, which was unveiled back in October, Google brings in a whole new stratum of flexibility for the user. Inbox not only allows you to view your mail from multiple accounts, but it also has the capability to highlight key information such as flight and event information. Users can adjust these updates according to their own requirements and view them freely.

After using Inbox for quite some time, we were completely sold on the idea and how web mail has revolutionized even further. In addition to Google’s online office applications, not to mention a Google Drive application specifically designed for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X, office productivity has reached new heights. Have you given Inbox a try? Let us know your thoughts after using it.


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