Intel Planning to Launch Dual Booting Device for Windows and Android

Have you ever thought about running Windows alongside with Android? Intel is planning to launch dual booting device to run Windows and Android. According to The Verge, the device is internally knows as “Dual OS”.

This decision may boost PC sales because PC industry sales are going down from recent quarters. Despite introducing latest laptops with Windows 8, sales have dramatically slumped.

intel planning to launch dual os deviceThe new dual booting device may help in increasing the sales and provide a push to PC industry. PC industry sales are going down because of people switching to tablets and smartphones. However, PC is still used for professional work and daily routine tasks that can’t be accomplished with tablets.

According to The Verge, Intel is behind this new idea and working with PC brands to create devices that offers both the Operating Systems in one device.

The idea is not to use as two different operating systems, but to run Android inside Windows using virtualization technique. You don’t have to reboot your computer in order to switch to two different OS.

However, this idea is not new! In June, Samsung announced Ativ Q, a Windows Hybrid laptop that can run full screen Android using a virtualization technique and tapping an app on main screen. The name of the app was “Dual OS”.

It might be a coincidence, but we suspect that Samsung is working with Intel in order to make it available for all the computer devices.

The name may not be “Dual OS” because Tim Bajarin first called it “PC Plus” on Time.

Intel is already working hard on optimizing the processors to work with Android and designing Bay Trail tablet chip to work with both the OS.

If Intel manages to offer the technology, it will open new boundaries for companies to offer Android Apps on Windows.

However, behind the idea neither Google nor Microsoft working. According to Patrick Moorhead, Principal Analyst at Moor Insights “Microsoft does not want this to happen”.

Microsoft is working on unifying their app store so that they can streamline Windows and Windows Phone apps to work on both Desktop and Smartphones.

This may lead to cancellation of the project because most of the PC manufacturers are using Windows as a main OS.

Similarly, Google can restrict access to Play Store, Gmail and Google maps. The idea can be crippled by Google by applying restrictions to PC manufacturers.

The idea of “Dual OS” is surely a good step, but it may affect both the Operating Systems demand. Google and Microsoft couldn’t allow each other to take advantage. Stay tuned to GSM Reviews for all the latest news and updates.

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