iPhone 6 Plus Demand in China on the Rise

Apple’s current flagship mobile offerings; the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have proven to become a crowd favorite, as the company has enjoyed an influx of revenue on account of the company being able to sell over 10 million of combined sales of the two devices. While the iPhone 6 was the clear winner, the iPhone 6 Plus is slowly gaining momentum.

Even in China, where the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei exist, the Cupertino tech company is gaining immense popularity over its larger screen iPhones, according to a report stated by Digitimes. While the rest of the globe salivates over purchasing the iPhone 6, Chinese consumers are eager to get their hands on the bigger brother of the iPhone 6. The strong preference of these customers is reported to allow Apple to change its production ratio from 70:30 (iPhone 6:iPhone 6 Plus) to a nearly even 55:45 ratio.

iphone 6 plus

Sources who have their noses stuck in to iPhone 6 assembling company Foxconn as well as Pegatron’s supply chain; the iPhone 6 Plus is expected to account for 60 percent of total iPhone 6 shipments in the near future. On contract price of the iPhone 6 Plus starts from $299 (for the 16 GB) while the off contract price of the same capacity model will be stamped with an exorbitant $849. The device will be available in three color finishes; a silver, a gold and a space gray finish. No 32 GB model has been released by the company.

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