iPhone 6’s Apple Pay Software Glitch not Allowing Users to Add Cards


After Apple unveiled its highly anticipated products of 2014, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, the company also released a payment innovation that allowed iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to effortlessly pay for items by waving their mobile device at a payment counter that possessed an NFC terminal. While numerous have rolled out payment making applications, this was the first time that a tech company had incorporated a financial innovation move that was so flexible for consumers.

However, it looks like Apple’s fame run is about to end because the company’s NFC payment feature, which is called Apple Pay has started to exhibit a software glitch that prevents iPhone users from adding their card details after the device has been restored; whether as a new phone or from a backup. According to additional reports, the only way that the problem can currently be solved is by purchasing a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, since these are the only two devices that possess an NFC chip.

Apple has not commented on this issue as yet, which no doubt means that the company has not yet figured out a way on how to suppress the issue. However, when users returned their devices to retailers, they were given an immediate replacement, without having to pay an extra amount. Even though some users complained that they were given a refurbished item, others happily received a brand new iPhone. Since Apple has just stumbled upon the financial innovation part of the business, it was quite obvious to us that its software would start producing issues in the foreseeable future.

While most applications and services would be ignored, the fact that this particular service is connected directly to people’s credit and debit card credentials is quite alarming. Have you faced similar issues regarding Apple’s NFC payment service? Let us know in the comment banks below.



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