LG Smartphone Sales Grow 25 Percent in 2014

According to South Korea Herald, LG enjoys 25 Percent growth in smartphone sales from last year. The most of the sales were because of the success of G series smartphones. The number 2 tech giant of Korea is gaining market share in smartphone market. According to the experts, LG is making its way to be on third spot in smartphone manufacturers.

According to LG, the market is dominated by Samsung from 2009 as they started late in the smartphone industry. LG shipped 20 million smartphone units in 2011 and it grows to 26.3 million units in 2012.

LG rising popularity is because of the G series smartphones including the high – end devices like LG G3. The low end devices also performed well in the market. LG Beat and LG Stylus recorded good response from the users. Company also released the curved LG G Flex 2 recently that is anticipating a good sale in 2015.

LG maintained its fourth place with Huawei, but defeated by another Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. According to industry experts, LG will be growing as the Chinese manufacturers are slowly growing.

The main competitor would be Huawei and Xiaomi. LG has high expectations from high end smartphone LG G Flex 2. Smartphone market is now seeing a stiff competition.

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