LG Teases its First ever Firefox OS Smartphone: the LG L25

After showcasing one of the most formidable Android OS running smartphones of 2014, the G3, LG is looking to make a shift in its operating system by leaking its very first Firefox platform running smartphone; the LG L25. According to the leaked details, the entire chassis of the smartphone has been displayed along with a screenshot showcasing the user interface of the device.

Thanks to @upleaks, we now know the form factor of the LG L25 will be slightly above the form factor of a phablet. However, the only drawback is that the LG L25 will only be available for the Japanese carrier KDDI. In other markets, it will be available but can only be purchased as an off-contract device. Personally, we feel obligated to state that LG has done well in keeping the phone purchasable as an off-contract device because seeing as how the smartphone industry is currently being dominated by Google’s Android operating system, Mozilla’s Firefox would not be able to withstand the siege.

In addition, LG has refrained from equipping the device with impressive hardware specifications and has intended for the device to target the lower and middle smartphone markets. This was a prudent thing to do as equipping the LG L25 will powerful components such as high end Samsung, Qualcomm or even ARM chipsets would only result in the company wasting numerous amounts of resources while not generating sufficient amounts of revenue. LG’s high end offering will feature an Android operating system and will be running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset.

Unfortunately, due to Qualcomm’s chipset manufacturing issues, LG will be forced to extend the deadline for the official release of G4. Currently, the Firefox OS has not been tried and tested against its adversaries, so we cannot say for sure how the L25 will perform once it becomes available. Do you feel that the Firefox OS has a chance of thriving in such a competitive environment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

According to the latest leak by upleaks, it shows the smartphone having 1280×720 HD screen with IPS display. Device has 16GB ROM and 1.5 GB of RAM with MSM8926 Qualcomm processor. Seems like LG L25 is made to target low-end smartphone market.


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