Microsoft Change Nokia Social Media Names to “Microsoft Lumia”

Staying true to the acquisition deal that it had made over purchasing Nokia’s devices and services division for $7.2 billion USD, software giant Microsoft is slowly killing off the Nokia brand, inch by inch. Microsoft’s first order of business was to remove the Nokia brand from its Lumia Windows Phone smartphones. The company’s upcoming device, which has been given the model name Lumia RM-1090, had been leaked following the device being leaded a Chinese TENAA certification website. The device was void of the Nokia brand name and was only stamped with the name Microsoft, indicating that the company intends to make its plans reach to fruition.

Microsoft’s campaign does not end here. The company has also decided to make changes to the domain by changing it to Microsoft’s new mobile site. Apart from this, social media pages present on Facebook (Microsoft’s official Lumia and UAE page is desolate of the Nokia brand name), Twitter and a few more have also started scraping out the Nokia brand name.  And the new upcoming Microsoft Lumia 1090 does not have a Nokia logo anywhere.

Microsoft’s UAE page is not the only social media page that has begun the transition of killing Nokia’s brand concerning smartphones. Nokia France and UK was the first of many countries that adopted ‘Microsoft Lumia’ for its Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Having said that, it is very clear that Microsoft is adamant to sever Nokia’s contact with the smartphone industry.

Even though a major portion of Nokia, which at one point, was a once dominant force surrounding the mobile industry, has been acquired the Microsoft, the phone maker still exists as a separate company, even though it will no longer be competing with the likes of Apple, Samsung, or Xiaomi. The company will be focused on manufacturing entry and mid-level devices for the lower tier markets. These mobile devices will be running basic software, compared to the complex operating systems running on fast mobile computing devices.

What will happen to low-end Nokia phones? Let’s wait and watch.

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