Microsoft Lumia 640 RM-1072 Spotted Passing FCC Certification

Microsoft is launching new range of affordable Lumia devices including RM-1072 expected Microsoft Lumia 640. Microsoft is planning to launch new range of affordable Lumia smartphones. As we reporter earlier, Microsoft is upgrading the Nokia Lumia 635 to support 1GB RAM. The new Lumia 640 might be the upgraded and unlocked version of the Nokia Lumia 635.

According to the reports, it is expected to feature an 8.7 megapixel pureview Camera. And it Is going to be a Dual SIM device with 720p screen and 5.0 inch screen. There are going to be two variants Lumia 640 and Lumia 645.

The FCC certifications show multiple handsets RM-1072, RM-1075 and RM-1077. They are going to be different variants of the new Lumia devices including the Dual-Sim and LTE version. Microsoft is more focused on offering affordable smartphones to capture the low-end smartphone market. Microsoft Lumia 535 is one example which was released last year in December.

Microsoft Lumia 640 RM-1072

One of our editor also reported that Microsoft is also working on a high-end smartphone that is expected to be released during third quarter of 2015.

These new devices are expected to be released during the MWC event in Barcelona or after the event in coming weeks. Microsoft Lumia 640 and 645 may attract a lot of users because of the price.


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