Microsoft Smart Watch Coming Soon?

In addition to launching a unified operating system named Windows 10, software giant Microsoft is in the midst of launching its own smartwatch that will go head to head with the likes of Moto 360 and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The device is reported to possess capabilities of monitoring the heart rate of the wearer as well as being compatible to work with different mobile operating systems such as Android and the iOS. Furthermore, sources that have their eyes stuck close to the wearable project state that the smartwatch will be able to deliver over two days of battery life, if the device is stressed under regular use.


The company is one of many that has jumped on to the bandwagon of producing wearables besides delivering its Lumia brand of smartphones. Most likely Microsoft wants to traverse on to this venture in order to open up an additional stream of revenue, seeing as how its Windows Phone has only be able to snare a modicum of 2.5 percent of  global smartphone market, while the remaining is currently being dominated by Android handsets followed by Apple’s iPhones.

Another reason which sparked the interest of the company of shifting part of its focus to produce wearables is because according to statistica, the valuation of the wearable industry is expected to reach a value of $12.6 billion USD in 2018. Currently, there is no use on what the company is intending on naming the device or the price tag it will carry once it hits retail market shelves in 2015.


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