Microsoft to Push Windows 10 Update to Lumia Phones


Microsoft recently tweeted that they are trying to update all their Windows 8 phones to Windows 10 in future. The upgrade will be offered for free to most of the Lumia devices in coming months. However, not all the Microsoft Lumia devices are compatible with Windows 10.

Microsoft haven’t released an official list of devices that will be upgraded to Windows 10. However, those devices with 512MB of RAM may not be upgraded to Windows 10. The latest Microsoft Lumia 535 comes with 1GB RAM, but we are not sure that budgeted devices will be upgraded or not.

Many Windows phone users complaint about the usability issue and Windows 10 is expected to offer more flexibility and better usability to the users. Windows 10 will provide better experience for Office apps, Cortana and new background wallpapers.

Windows 10 is still evolving and many developers are pushing their Windows versions of the apps. We can say that Windows is the third most used OS in smartphones.

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