Microsoft’s Torque Now Works on Android Devices

Earlier this morning, software giant Microsoft had made the announcement that it had released an app for the Android smartphone called Torque. Torque is a speech recognition software, similar to Google’s ‘Ok Google’ feature that will allow users to perform a voice search after they shake their handsets. The difference between Google’s ‘Ok Google’ feature and Microsoft’s torque is that Torque does not require users to activate the app through a defined keyword command.

The shaking gesture is sufficient enough to activate the application. In addition, Torque performs a variety of tricks, which revolves around receiving instant answers for queries. This will fall in to categories such as local flight timings, stock prices, weather updates and much much more. One of this most puzzling things about the app is that Google has allowed compatibility on its Android platform. Then again, Google has also allowed Amazon’s AppStore to be present as a downloadable app on the Play Store.

Microsoft’s Torque was initially released in October, but was only compatible on a few Android smartwatches and could be activated through a flick of the wrist.  The company has released its 2.0 version today on the Google Play Store, and has updated its search answer database. The company has also released its Microsoft Office Mobile application for the Android operating system, which still a long way to go before it can remotely compared to the desktop version of the Office application.

By branching out its products to a broader mobile ecosystem, not to mention releasing a unified operating system (Windows 10) in the near future, Microsoft is keeping up with the overwhelming competition. Do you feel Microsoft’s Torque application is superior to Google’s ‘Ok Google’ feature? We certainly believe so. Try out the application and let us know your thoughts on Microsoft’s offering.


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