Moto X+1 Specifications and Pictures Leaked

The alleged pictures and specifications of Motorola X+1 leaked with dramatic improvement to the X series. Remember that the Moto X was a mid-range smartphone with specs that can’t compete with market leaders.

Motorola X+1 will be having 1080 HD display with 5.0 inch screen size, but it is not officially confirmed. Moto X+1 boasts 2GB ram and 16, 32, 64GB storage options and micro sd card expansion.

Motorola X+1Camera will be upgraded too with expectation of 8 or 13 megapixel. The release date is not confirmed by any of the sources, but expect it to be between August and October.

It would be hard for Motorola to grab the attention of the people because Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy F release is due in fall.

Moto X+1 is expected to remain mid-range phone and not going to compete with high-end smartphones. Price is also expected to be lower than the high-end smartphone brands like Galaxy S5 and iPhone.

Motorola was working on new devices from long and after the launch of Moto G, there were no major news about upcoming smartphones. Here to mention, Motorola was acquired by Google and manufacturing of smartphones from Motorola was slowed.

We just need to wait to find more about Motorola X+1.

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