No More Nokia Lumia Phones – Microsoft to Replace Nokia Brand

After Nokia’s failure to deliver sufficient revenue for quarter after quarter resulted in the company stuck between a rock and a hard place, Microsoft capitalized on the opportunity and acquired the once behemoth of mobile devices for a price of $7.2 billion USD, which gave the software company ownership to Nokia’s Devices and Services business, including the phone maker’s Smart Devices and Mobile Devices.

microsoft lumia

The acquisition details also stated that in the future, Microsoft is no longer going to have Nokia’s ‘once upon a time iconic’ brand name to be present on the company’s Lumia smartphones. The company was also hinting towards hammering the final nail in Nokia’s coffin as far as Windows Phones were concerned, but now, the company has decided to make the brand kill official.

Microsoft will the replace the name Nokia with ‘Microsoft Lumia’ as the brand name, with future smartphones coming from the Lumia line-up of devices to sport the same name. In addition, the domain has been changed over to Microsoft’s new mobile site (as part of the acquisition agreement). The removal of the Nokia brand name does not mean that the mobile maker’s existence will be permanently eradicated. In fact, Nokia will continue to run as a separate company without its phone business.

Nokia’s division in France will be one of the first divisions around the globe to embrace the brand name change and will be making the necessary changes on its social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter in order to update to the brand name Microsoft Lumia.


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