Nokia Maps Now compatible with other Android Devices

Even though Nokia’s mobile services division has been acquired by Microsoft, it does not negate the company from functioning as a completely separate entity. While the company’s brand name is going to be removed from future Lumia Windows Phone devices, the company still managed to launch its Here mapping app for the Android operating system, specifically targeting Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, then branching the app to other Android devices.

One of the reasons why Nokia made the mapping app compatible with different Android devices is because it wanted to target a higher market, seeing as how Google’s Android OS controls nearly 90 percent of the total global mobile operating system market share. The move to provide compatibility to other devices will allow the company to add distribution to the Here app network and since the company has already sold its mobile and services division to Microsoft for $7.2 billion USD, the one asset that Nokia will possess is keeping its networking unit, mapping business as well as intellectual property.

Nokia Maps

While the mapping app possess a boat load of potential of turning in to a very popular application for maps, initial problems with apps would most likely be encountered in the near future and when Here is concerned, its beta version was accompanied with several distribution issues. For example, Here made its way on to the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, which in terms of aesthetics and functionality; behaves quite differently than the interface presented by the Google Play Store.

In order to mitigate these issues, Samsung and Here have started a collaboration on how to optimize the app in providing a fluid experience to different devices. The app has also found its way to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS as well as Amazon’s Fire OS.

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