Nokia to Launch a Phablet Later This Year

With Nokia Windows GDR3 update about to release soon and it seems like Finnish cell phone manufacturer jumping in to launch a phablet. It is expected to have 1080p screen and a quad core processor. However, the rumour is getting stronger after the Windows Phone GDR 3 update in final release. Microsoft has to take a step in updating their OS more often because Nokia users liked the new range of Lumia phones. And now Nokia will introduce a Windows powered phablet.

If the phablet offers the same infamous tiles and poor Windows platform, it may not get recognition amongst the users. Samsung has already captured the market by introducing features that are advanced and user centred. It is expected that Microsoft will introduce a driving mode option and closing of screens during multitasking.

It is confirmed that Microsoft will add support for large screen devices as Nokia is planning to take on Samsung Galaxy Note series. It might be interesting to see head to head competition of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Nokia Phablet.

[message]What are your thoughts on Nokia Phablet? Are you going to prefer it over Samsung Galaxy Note Series?[/message]

nokia phablet windows 8

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