Oneplus Two is Coming in 2015 Q3

Oneplus One lovers may get their hands on Oneplus Two in Q3 of 2015. Earlier, Oneplus team hosted an AMAA on Reddit to answer the questions. Oneplus Two might be smaller in size as compared to Oneplus One. It might be available in 2015 for similar invite system or with pre-order system. Recently, Oneplus One fans were put off due to unique invite system that left many without the device. Many users preferred to buy big brands like Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3.

According to the question and answer session, Oneplus One team wants to grow slowly to manage the risk rather than getting their company in trouble by launching on big scale. Seems like the invite system is working pretty well as more and more people desire to get the handset.

There are no official specifications about the Oneplus Two device from the company, but it will be smaller in size to come out of phablet dilemma because many users prefer to buy small screen smart phones with 5.0 inch screen.

At GSMReviews, we shared the device specifications with different gadget users. Many of them were taking interest because of the price and the build quality.

We can expect the same level of quality from the second version of the handset. It might become a brand killer because of the pricing. The only concern would be the hated invite system because many users posted harsh comments against the system. However, the idea is turning very well for Oneplus. Is it going to be an alternative to big brands like Samsung, Apple or LG? It is too early to answer the question because Oneplus does not provide that level of accessories and support on large scale.

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