Revealing the Top Smartphone Brands and OS in USA for 2013


It is a battle of smart phones now in the United States, but surprisingly Apple remains on top with 40% market share in USA alone. Samsung users think that it is due to the support by US Government on all grounds. Well, Apple has many stake holders having connections in the US Government like former presidential candidate Al Gore. This is not the case because the quality of Apple products makes them superior to other cell phone manufacturers. It is expected that with the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, this share may increase to 60%.


Samsung is pushing hard on second place with 24.7% market share. Recently, there are number of law suits between Apple and Samsung. President Barack Obama vetoes the ban on sale of certain apple products has made Samsung owners sad. Samsung is launching smart phones to target every market and Apple has significant share only in USA.


HTC is on third position with 9.4% market share and it is expected to increase after the launch of HTC One smart phones. Some of the HTC owners are not happy with the performance of HTC products, but they are working hard to make an impact on US market. In an effort to grow market share, HTC has hired Robert Downey Jr. to promote new range of cell phones. Robert Downey Jr. is a famous Hollywood actor and rated number one in popularity for 2012-13. Can Iron Man increase the sale of HTC? We’ll see.


Motorola was once had one of the top market shares in US and still they managed to have 9% share in US. Google purchase of Motorola has opened new dimensions because all the Nexus products expected to come through Motorola in future.


LG is on fifth place with 7% market share and they are working hard to match the pace with Samsun. LG products are not widely recognized in the United States. However, the market share for LG smart phones is expected to go down because of similar Android products available in the market.


BlackBerry is on sixth place with shrinking market share in United States. BlackBerry recently launched a press release on future expansions and alliances. BlackBerry has to work very hard to get their sales higher in United States because iOS is more advanced and offers so many features.


Nokia has only 1.2% market share and they have regained lost value by their new Nokia Lumia phone series. When the Smart Phones war started, Nokia was one of the top cell phone companies over run by iOS and Android.


Huawei is continuously looking for opportunities in different markets and they have 1% market share in the United States. It is still a long way to go for Huawei because not much recognition by the users of Huawei products.

Others smart phones market share in US by brand

There are different other smart phones have 4% of the market share.


Android remains the market leader by 52% market share in the United States. This number may go higher because of rapid development and expanding Google Play Store.


Apple iOS made the impact and has 40% market share in United States, which will go up as the launch of new smart phones and tablets.


BlackBerry OS has lost a significant market share due to lack of innovation and development in recent years.

Windows Phone

Nokia has done it well with promoting Windows Phone OS and managed to grab 1.2% market share in the United States.

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